The Mercury 13

The true story of 13 female pilots who dreamed of becoming astronauts.

5 thoughts on “The Mercury 13

  1. Definitely an interesting subject for a play. The story progression was a tad confusing (but reading the timeline as others suggested would have helped). The ending felt a little abrupt, but the acting was good (especially the heroine who set the wheels in motion) and I felt that this play had heart and was worth a watch!

  2. Unfortunately I was unable to read the program as suggested by the previous reviews as they only had 5 copies left. However I followed the story just fine without it and loved the show! I did feel bad for the actors when by their fourth show there were still major technical issues. But they handled it well and I thoroughly enjoyed the actors performances.
    Definitely go see the show if you can, it is more than worth it!

  3. I agree with above. I did read the timeline before the show and VERY much enjoyed it. The acting was fantastic.

  4. The Mercury 13 is an interesting topic for a Fringe play and managed to interject some lighter moments into an otherwise serious story. The opening night show experienced some technical difficulties with lights and sound mid-show, and there were a couple of points where actors seemed to forget lines for a moment, but that’s part of the beauty of the Fringe Festival: the shows are not always perfectly refined and you get to see the actors and production team “make it work” despite such hiccups. In this case they all rolled with it and kept the story moving along.

    One comment for future viewers: since I read the program’s timeline after the show, the initial scenes were a little choppy/confusing in regards to what they were intended to represent, but fairly obvious afterward. I suspect that may be why there is a timeline included in the program, so I suggest people try to review it before the show begins.

    I am sure the show will be smoother in future showings and recommend it to anyone with an interest in space exploration history and/or the fight for equal opportunities for women.

    • I completely agree with you 🙂 After seeing the play, I was very interested in reading the program and then realized it would have helped get into the story right from the start. Not a 5* play but I feel I learned an important and interesting part of the moon landing’s history. I enjoyed seeing the play for that reason.

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