The Prince and the Witch

The Prince & The Witch: A Medieval Fairy Tale, written & performed by Anthony Audain, music by Rob Lindey.

4 thoughts on “The Prince and the Witch

  1. I saw this show and highly recommend it for kids and adults with an inner child type personality. The music was awesome, and the acting superb. My son participated, but my daughter was too shy, The actor gave her a streamer to play with, though, and she loved that. This guy knows kids!

  2. If you are looking for a fun/interactive show with a beautiful message for your kids, The Prince and the Witch is the show for you. The theme and atmospheric music was both engaging and soothing and transported us into a fantasy world of Medieval folklore with interesting characters and exciting on stage costume changes. The solo performer is versatile, charismatic, and has a rich musky voice with lots of youthful energy. Our kids were playing trumpets and singing all the way home in the car. Gotta see this one!

  3. This show was painful to watch. My kids were bored, the actor spent most of the time changing his clothes. The piano interludes were pleasant, the rest was not, unfortunately.

  4. Saw a small preview song from this show at any event prior to Fringe and I was so impressed by the level of energy. Also saw him so a small clip of a song on the news. I highly suggest taking your kids to see this show! I think they’d have a ton of fun. Lots of interacting with the audience and making the kids apart of the show!

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