The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale

Chimera Theatre brings back their dark adaptation of this Brothers Grimm fairy tale through puppetry and physical theatre.

5 thoughts on “The Robber Bridegroom: A Grimm Fairy Tale

  1. This was brilliantly done. Every detail was perfect and the subtle duality of the show is so artfully done that it won’t fully hit you until it’s too late. Amazing.

  2. Very impacting on its story delivery and it`s meaning. The puppetry is so lifelike and skillful, i can feel and see the expression clearly. I would like to bring my friend to see this show just for the excuse to enjoy the experience once again.

  3. A fine performance both artistically and technically. The costumes and makeup combined with the excellent lighting served to make this a terrific theatrical experience. Audience “participation” was asked for at the end, but all, myself included, sat speechless, dare I say complicit, in what we continue to accept in our society. This is NOT Disneyfied Grimm with a very modern twist. Highly recommended.

  4. This show was incredible! It was dark, intriguing, and powerful. A very cool new take on an old fairy tale (and what a story)! The puppetry was expertly done and I loved the soundtrack. There was something very interesting that I want to talk about at the end, but the website said NO SPOILERS so you’ll have to just go and see it.

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