The Trinity Unhinged

Jesus is burnt out, the Holy Spirit fed up and the Father angry. Escalating cosmic troubles ensue. The fish rots from the head down!

4 thoughts on “The Trinity Unhinged

  1. Okay. Liked the blasphamie. My husband had some laughs. I thought it was average compared to the 8 other Winnipeg Fringe shows we saw. My husband liked it more. Review does not include last 20 minutes because unfortunately we had to leave early to insure we make it to our next show.

  2. Outside of the religious aspects and dogma I saw it as a dysfunctional family friends finally realizing that in the end they have to work together to get things done – more so the Father who finally realizes he needs to work with his family..

  3. To understand anything in this play, you need a solid understanding of Catholicism. Purgatory? Archangels?
    I had trouble understanding what was going on and could not follow the story. My husband is Protestant and also didn’t understand most of it!

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