The War of 1812

A young boy hates Canada until the ghost of Pierre Burton takes him on a tour of Canadian history in a Birchbark Time Canoe!

5 thoughts on “The War of 1812

  1. Lots of laughs. Engaging performers. A great way to spend part of your evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. I’m not sure what show every one else was at but the one I saw had people killing themselves laughing. There was zero issue in the actors projection or understanding, the characters were hilarious, the war scene unique and playful. My kids were reluctant to go as they thought it would be a boring history lesson. My one kid literally fell off his chair laughing. My nephew is still talking about the show.

  3. Best of the Fest! – Isaac Brock (Long time listener, first time caller)

  4. The show had some funny parts and it would of been better if I sat closer as I couldn’t hear much. It would be better if the actors could delay their next line when the audience is engaged. I would rate this show 3 out of 5. (Yes, I know, it is a very subjective rating and others might see it differently).

  5. This was a good idea for a play and some of it was funny. But often the humour was juvenile.

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