The Witches

A wicked and funny take on Roald Dahl’s tale of bravery, mice and evil witches who want to squelch children.

5 thoughts on “The Witches

  1. A fun show! My 4 year old and I both enjoyed it, Jean as The Grand High Witch was phenomenal!

  2. A good story with great costumes! What an Iconic Witch Jean was, very iconic! For such a young cast, the talent is astronomical! Bright futures for these young minds!

  3. It did justice to thr book and went beyond. The grand high witch is marvellous and an absolute delight to watch.

  4. Loved the show! The cast is really talented and it was marvellously directed. A must see!

  5. Attended the opening night of The Witches and is was great. The cast are very talented and did Roald Dahl justice. Would recommend to everyone young and old. 😁

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