The World’s Fattest Contortionist Presents: “The 5 Star Revue”

You won’t believe your eyes. You can’t believe those thighs! THE FUNNEST FLEXIBILITY YOU WILL EVER SEE.

11 thoughts on “The World’s Fattest Contortionist Presents: “The 5 Star Revue”

  1. I definitely enjoyed this. The substantial performer works very well with what he’s got, offering a subtle body positivity alongside a whole bunch of gross and/or funny stuff. This show featured my husband’s biggest phobia (needles) and two of my more minor ones (rebar and belly buttons). Hubs had this to say after the show: “I’m sore from cringing so much.” But in a good way?

  2. He is a fantastic character with a real Chris Farley energy
    I might go again Friday with my siblings just to see my brother react!

  3. I’m sure the “World’s Fattest Contortionist” is a great person and the contortions were great. The sense of humour was good for a mature audience (don’t bring the kids) and he would even be a ton of fun at a basement drinking party. I would rate the show a 2 out of 5 stars…… but then again,,, what else do you do in Winnipeg on a Sunday night?

    I know this is very subjective, but my sense of humour is somewhere between Kids in the Hall, Monty Python and most SNL skits.

  4. Remember the name Matt Alaeddine. I predict he will have his own special on Netflix very, very soon. I made the same prediction about Tapeface 5 years ago

  5. Ummm…perhaps the most pleasantly surprising show at this year’s festival.

  6. The craziest, most visually disgusting show I have ever attended. Extremely funny, either 5 stars or zero stars, take your pic…

  7. My partner and I were not planning to see any shows last night but after a late dinner we were about tohead home until we received the handbill directly from the star of the show
    That 2 minute interaction was so entertaining we had to attend his show
    Very funny show

  8. Didn’t know what to expect, had the day off, went to a random play, show was ridiculously funny!!! 5 stars!!

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