The Zoo Story

The Zoo Story – Edward Albee’s first hit!

11 thoughts on “The Zoo Story

  1. Bam! What a play! It’s intense & dark, insightful and funny. Great performances.

  2. I saw the show on July 20….it was awesome! I know Daniel Tompkins personally, but, unfortunately, have only seen him perform a few times. He was sooooo good in this performance that I actually forgot he was Daniel. He quickly became Jerry due to his awesome ability to be his caracter! Highly recommend it!

  3. Very impressive show, with great character development and intensity. Both actors did an incredible job playing off one another. Tompkins’ ability to capture the nuances of this complex Albee character was superb. I would highly recommend this show for folks who love to see an intense drama and excellent acting. This is what the fringe is all about for me (although I like a good musical too every now and then).

  4. I strongly recommend adding The Zoo Story to your list of Fringe must-sees! Daniel Tompkins is exceptional in his role as the intriguing and unnerving Jerry, connecting strongly to his scene partner Dan Grant, whose role as Peter keeps Daniel grounded through a series of increasingly bizarre monologues. Equal parts disturbing and delightfully witty, The Zoo Story takes viewers on an epic journey through the unraveling psyche of a lonely soul, all while never leaving the security of a single park bench.

  5. Great play! Highly recommended. A hidden gem of the Fringe. Daniel Tompkins is exceptional.

  6. Beautifully performed! For a show with two actors and 0 set changes, it captures your attention incredibly well. Thought-provoking, strange, and often funny, “The Zoo Story” will push you to examine your own behaviour when you meet a stranger. It humanizes the people we see every day in the streets of Winnipeg, and shows the audience that people deserve to be heard no matter what.

  7. I highly recommend ‘Zoo Story”. The two performers were excellent and held my attention through the whole performance. Daniel Tompkins was especially enthralling, portraying a deeply tortured young man with finesse. He teetered convincingly between madness and heartbreaking vulnerability. WELL DONE!!

  8. A carefully crafted and well thought out production of a classic! Highly recommended if you enjoy black comedy and heart-aching drama.

  9. A captivating dark comedy with great actors! The Zoo Story motivates you to reflect on your daily actions and interactions. It’s the perfect thought provoking, well done play at Fringe!

  10. One of my top recommendations for Fringe 2019!! If you’re looking for a show that has amazing actors who keep you engaged as they take you on a journey that keeps you thinking even after you leave the theatre….This dark comedy is for you!

  11. A great play and well performed. A dark, dark, dark comedy that had me laughing (and thinking) the entire show.

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