THROWBACK – a unique and poignant look at pre-millennium pop culture told through incredible acrobatics, circus and comedy!

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  1. These performers have pushed the boundaries of what I thought the human body was capable of. I was mesmerized the whole show (and a little freaked out by the contortionist). The witty banter left me smiling for the full hour.

  2. Throwback was an absolutely unbelievable show! When I wasn’t howling with laughter, my jaw was on the floor due to all the insane circus acts. The aesthetic was so fun as well, who doesn’t love some throwbacks right? It had me dancing in my seat! I completely recommend this show to people of all ages! Absolutely loved it!

  3. Five stars just don’t seem adequate to convey how awesome this show was. Artistry, humour, incredible athleticism, this show is just absolutely amazing. The contortionist (Samantha) and the acrobats (Kim and Craig) are just a joy to watch and behold. The videodrome routine was just spooky -in the best possible way- and spine tingling. The aerial artist Julie did an aerial silk routine to the slow cover of “Jessie’s Girl”, it was the one part of the show I was not clapping and cheering for, as I was awestruck and close to tears. The MC/juggler Idris was just the greatest showman, his rock and roll singer routine involves some audience participation -does anyone know how to work a leaf blower?- and I was laughing so hard my sides and face hurt.

    This might just be the best fringe show I’ve ever seen. Ever. Seriously, it’s dramatic, goofy, moving, energizing, hilarious, awe inspiring and fun.

    AND. Winnipeg Free Press-I’m looking at you. Not as good as Cirque de Soleil?? Try better. Way more fun and less pretentious and weird. AND. CBC-now you’re in my sights. This is so much more than ‘eye candy’. I mean, they are both four star reviews, so pretty good, but I don’t feel the reviews did the scope of the show justice.

    • My kid just told me the Free Press did give the show five stars. My bad. You go Mary Agnes, you know a five star show when you see one.

  4. Throwback! Was an incredibly amazing show that left the crowd on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. World-class circus acts that captivated the audience matched with comedy and an amazing soundtrack that left you in awe. Make sure to add this to your “must see” list as it’s one show you won’t want to miss!

  5. Throwback is a fantastic show! It’s funny and awe inspiring! The music is fantastic (I had to stop myself from singing aloud the entire show). Idris was sparkly and hilarious. Kim and Dan were amazing! Samantha’s contortion-ism was insane (I still can’t believe the human body can bend that way), and the bonus, random Kim-on-skates was so very throwback. Julie’s aerial work on the hoop and silks was dramatic and beautiful!

    • Great show! Good music, funny and great circus arts performance.

  6. Well this made our Friday night! Such a good show. Great mix of comedy and circus entertainment. Recommend for everyone.

  7. All I can say is WOW! What a group of talented performers! It’s a great mixture of comedy and class act circus that had me alternative between laughing my head off, screaming in delight, and picking my jaw up off the floor. If you have the chance I would absolutely recommend this show to you no matter your age!

  8. I didn’t know that “circus” was a thing at the Fringe, but it is and it’s freaking amazing.

    I have not stopped thinking about the Videodrome segment since we left. It melted my brain in the best way possible.

    The skill on display here is nothing short of amazing. You all need to see this thing show.

    Plus, Chrono Trigger for the win. 😊

  9. Simply a must see event! This group of acrobats and performers are top notch. They blend incredible circus acts and humour, and do it all to great tunes from the past. It is great to see some local talent on display! I recommend this show to anyone that likes fun.

  10. Superb show! My face was hurting afterwards, due to a mix of laughing and having to pick up my jaw every minute; The emcee Idris is absolutely hilarious and he captivate you beginning to end. Never a dull moment. The acts are absolutely stunning and visually stimulating; The duo Daniel Craig and Kim Craig (Acrobatics) are the epitome of Circus: Incredibly high skills executed with flow, control and grace, without forgetting the gulp inducing high-risk kickers. Solid.
    Samantha Halas, Winnipeg’s darling, deliver yet another not-your-average-contortionist-act, on which you’ll have troubles taking your eyes off: the skills, the attitude, the costume. It’s incredible to see how she can folds (hehe) so many qualities and nuances into a single performance. Chapeau!
    Julie Marshall (aerial silks, aerial hoop) , all the way from Las Vegas, had me hooked: she is so high energy and her style is so unique and captivating. A true circus performer and more, a storyteller that has no needs for words, as her movements speak to us. Stunning.

    Truly an amazing show, an unforgettable one

  11. Throwback is the perfect balance of all things entertaining. It will have you holding your breath through physical circus acts, laughing out loud, and even pulls on the heart strings. The cast is so talented and they really take you to a different time and place! A MUST SEE!

  12. A really fantastic show, fun, funny and impressive all around. Would highly recommend!

  13. A beautiful circus show with stunning visuals, a variety of styles and a funny familiar story. The performers skills are captivating. A must see!

  14. If you are going to choose a fringe show to go to, choose this one! The multi-talented cast performs many different types of acrobatics that you have to go see for yourself! The totally unique styles of these veteran performers comes together to create a fun, funny, captivating and emotion provoking show that touched the very core of my soul. A very entertaining and overall beautiful experience.

  15. This show absolutely blew me away. A fantastic mix of acrobatics, comedy, and a killer soundtrack! An absolute must see for the entire family!

  16. Amazed at the whole show. The performances were very impressive and entertaining. A mix of comedy and circus performances that is top notch. Highly recommended, and fun for all ages!!

  17. skills, story line, costumes were all top of the line. Thanks for a great show, keep it coming.

  18. saw Throwback on thursday night, and it deserved the standing ovation it received. a friend took me and i didnt really know what to expect coming in but i was just amazed.

    also without giving too much away there was a really sweet moment where the mc character wonders why the girl on the aerial sheets never noticed him. it was done very subtlely and sweetly and it is subject material close to my heart. well done. i will see it again next weekend and bring a couple more friends.

  19. Jaw dropping circus with plenty of belly-busting laughs. This show is a MUST SEE for all lovers of 80s/90s nostalgia and anyone who has ever enjoyed a circus show. This packs a PUNCH! *****!

  20. Move this one to the top of your “Must See” list! I was captivated every second of it! Each artist delivers an epic performance! Expect to see mind-blowing skills paired with hilarious blasts from the past. This show certainly lives up to its name! Circus & nostalgia, what more could you want?

  21. Throwback, a truly awesome show! With slick acrobatics, circus, comedy and retro music, how could you not love it! Make sure it’s on your list of must see, you won’t be disappointed *****

  22. I went to Throwback on it’s opening night. Not only were there amazing physical acts performed, but the humour was quite entertaining. There is a lot of “how does he(or she) do that” . It is also kid friendly. Entertainment for the full family!

  23. My family of 6 (adults and teenagers) went to see “Throwback!” (Retro Circus) for the opening night of the Winnipeg Fringe tonight! It was an outstanding show – full of high energy, mind-blowing physical feats, fun 80’s/90’s nostalgia, and absolutely hilarious comedy. All of us loved it and had an absolute blast. Definitely check it out if you have an opportunity – you won’t regret it!

  24. Saw Throwback on opening night and SO glad I did. The show was hilarious and I loved the theme, felt like I was back in highschool. ALSO THE PERFORMERS ARE AMAZING ACROBATS OH MY GOD! Don’t miss this.!

  25. I had a chance to catch opening night of Throwback and it was a real treat. A great combination of comedy and world class circus entertainment with a retro twist and a fabulous soundtrack. And when I mean circus I don’t mean clowns and ring masters… I mean the fancy one from Montreal/Las Vegas. Absolutely would recommend Throwback for a wide variety of audiences, there were people sitting near my ranging from about 7 to 80 and they all seemed to love it too.

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