Trendsettlers: Episode IV

Nobody said traversing the Oregon Trail would be easy… but nobody said it would be this hard, either.

9 thoughts on “Trendsettlers: Episode IV

  1. Just no. Probably the least enjoyable of all 14 shows I saw this Fringe. The only reason why I did not leave in the middle of the performance was because it was only 30 minutes. Reviews being subjective, I can understand that some people liked it (other than the performers reviewing their own shows I mean) but for me it was just a huge disappointment. Longest 30 minutes of my life.

  2. Frances and Maegan have collaborated to bring a poignant show that makes you think. Maegan is a wonderful actor who can make you laugh, deliver a sexy drag show and leave you with a tear on your cheek at the end. Bravo you two!!!!

  3. SEE THIS SHOW. Frances Koncan has freaking done it again people! This short and sweet show packs a punch full of clever turns of phrase and an adventure that really make you reflect.

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