Tymisha Harris: La Baker

Tymisha Harris returns with a jazz trio to share stories and sing from the songbook of La Baker in this world premiere cabaret.

8 thoughts on “Tymisha Harris: La Baker

  1. Josephine was Tymisha Harris playing Josephine Baker. This show is Tymisha Harris ABOUT Josephine Baker. If it is possible to improve upon Josephine, this is it. A much more intimate cabaret building upon its predecessor.

  2. This show was a disappointment. Yes Ms. Harris can sing and that was all that kept us from walking out. The uncomfortable, seemingly unscripted banter was meaningless, and cringe worthy.
    Frankly we felt that this show was an exploitation of the success of Josephine. On the coat tails of Josephine, in this show you will hear some left over songs that didn’t make the cut for Josephine. Particularly odd was asking for audience feedback such as ‘”do you think guys, should this song be put into Josephine?” We will be seeing Josephine this week but already with trepidation, expecting the worst although the reviews are good. If this is the case why would a successful and talented performer want to associate herself with this inferior work? It felt like a money grab on the back of Josephine.

  3. Tynisha Harris is talented, charming, and delightful to watch. I loved hearing her sing and hearing the behind-the-scenes story of the fringe show, Josephine. However, where this show lost me was that it repeated a lot of the same information and songs from Josephine and the odd, albeit comedically delivered, product placement. I think this show would be something that one may enjoy if they really enjoyed Josephine but I’m not sure if it would land the same for someone new.

  4. Good singing, however, it was lacking a story line. I would not recommend unless you are a die hard fan of Josephine as this seems more like a behind the scenes of it.

  5. Tymisha Harris (and her more than capable trio of one) shine in LA BAKER, a supplemental production exploring the larger than life essence of Josephine Baker. This iteration takes you deep into her team’s collaborative process: what songs to use in JOSEPHINE (also playing this festival season), what wouldn’t fly in this day and age, etc.

    Harris parallels Baker’s struggles (1906-1960s) with her modern day life living in America. Her impromptu plea for a change is a sentiment echoed by her audience.

    The creative team opened up the show to a Q&A, but the audience was speechless.

    Sold out on opening night and with good reason!
    A poignant look at history, less the pasties (for those with young fringers or those uncomfortable with exposure)

  6. There is absolutely no doubt how talented Tymisha Harris is! She is a natural entertainer and truly connects with the audience. I agree with the previous review, in that one has an advantage if you have seen Josephine prior to seeing this new production. However, it is still extremely entertaining. She plays to the entire audience and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Winnipeg loves her and she loves Winnipeg. There was no jazz trio but Tod Kimbro, her co-writer on the piano, was so talented it didn’t matter.

  7. I adore Ms. Harris. She is on my must-see list regardless of what she’s in. However, I don’t recommend seeing this if you haven’t yet seen her previously in Josephine. This show serves almost as a bonus features segment for that one, and is a tad spoiler-y if you’re not familiar with Josephine Baker’s story. If you have seen Josephine (or for some dumb reason you have no intention to) this is a must-see, but get advance tickets!

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