Wait, So Do I Make Out With A Pan?

Lea sits down to create a vlog about her sexual explorations in hopes of assisting others with their own uncertainties.

5 thoughts on “Wait, So Do I Make Out With A Pan?

  1. As a person attracted to people of any gender, it was so validating to see this show. This is a great choice to see at the fringe: it is funny and sweet and rough around the edges with a ending that gave me a few tears. I love seeing fringe shows that aren’t perfectly polished. I love that I got to see raw character, emotion, and a new creative story onstage in this show. XO

  2. This show was hilarious! There were a few hiccups for it being the first show (which is to be expected, if you’ve ever been to a fringe show) and even though it was only half an hour long (advertised as an hour) the performance made up for it with amazing bits. The performer kept going through the technical difficulties, and really played those comedic moments of the show. Totally worth the price!

  3. While I did enjoysome funny moments the show was only 30 minutes long and advertised as 1 hour. I left feeling cheated. A show this short should perhaps be discounted or a least get the advertising right so people can decide if they want to pay full price for half a show.

  4. The show itself is decent and certainly had some good laughs. However I was unhappy when the show ended at 30 min while it was listed as 60 min in the guide and at the ticket sales table. Is there an error in the guide?

  5. Though the show is funny and has a good message we were all extremely disappointed that we paid full price for a show that was advertised as 60 mins and was exactly 30 mins. We left feeling ripped off and a bad taste in our mouth.

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