A compilation of contemporary dances themed around the power of water.

2 thoughts on “Water

  1. Confession: I am not a huuuge modern-dance fan — more into ballet (aka Im old). So, be warned, not a great critic for it.

    But still, i’ve seen quite a few MD productions over the years and around the world, and this brilliant piece by Edmonton’s young Viva Dance Company is the best I’ve seen in 20 years. Maybe more.

    Simply off the charts for creativity, choreography, athleticism, poise and execution. And all the things you (might ) hate about contemporary dance — pretentiousness, arrogance, willful obscuraton, wince-worthy music — are entirely absent in this stunning tribute to the universality of … water.

    Execution: The synchronization is just superb, the true test coming in the last 15 minutes of non-stop one-hour show when the 8 dancers are dead on their feet. This troupe never missed a beat. And there are no stars here; they all seemed equally talented, although a dark-haired dynamo (tats on back of both legs — can’t miss her.) — might be the strongest of an intensely acrobatic team.

    There’s just one final performance of Water at 7 pm Sunday. Run, do not walk, for tickets. The best dance creation at this year’s Fringe (I’ve seen them all.) By far.

  2. A very impressive and entertaining show! The choreography is beautifully executed by all the dancers.

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