Zombies to the Left of Me, Survivors to the Right

Five zombie apocalypse survivors are trapped in a basement. After escaping the zombies, can they survive living with each other?

6 thoughts on “Zombies to the Left of Me, Survivors to the Right

  1. Saw the show yesterday all the actors did a good job and the jokes were great but disagree thought basementmaster was funny and a bit scary. Loved the show the bleach cat owner and the scared of everything character being terrified all time were absolutely hilarious.

  2. Some were too loud and others were not loud enough but overall great comedic show

  3. A funny cute little comedy with young actors brimming with energy. When a control freak, mom friend, borderline evil, super hyper teenager and a sared of everything come together due to zombie, hilarity ensures.

  4. Too loud and grating, bad lighting. Jokes were hit and miss. Shorter than advertised at 45 minutes.

  5. Some good comedy from a group of young comedians. Keeps you entertained all the way through. The basement master was a bit overpowering at times but all in all a fun show. The basement setting is perfect!

  6. If you’re looking for a comedic fix of zombies before the next season of The Walking Dead comes out, this is the show for you!

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