An original musical satire of Broadway’s “most loved” feline musical, with less plot, tighter leotards and one throbbing mystical sword! ThunderCATS HO!

“I blacked out from laughter. 6 sticks out of 6!” – High Praise Fringe Reviews

5 STARS “A brilliantly bonkers musical spectCATular that will have you howling with laughter until your face and sides cramp.” – Alberta Theatre Guide

5 STARS “The show is hysterical and a laugh-out-loud experience from the moment the cast first appears on stage in body paint and leotards.” – Daze Magazine

5 thoughts on “ThunderCATS

  1. I’ve never seen thundercats the tv show before but this show was still funny! The actors and the band performed very well. My only critique is the musical aspect once or twice made it hard to understand but keep in mind I watch everything with subtitles so that’s nobodies fault

  2. I’m still recovering from this show. It’s so freaking funny and so good. You gotta check it out. *****

  3. This show is next level. Hilarious and a must see. Definitely not for kids though.

  4. This show is incredible. The music is so catchy and the actors all do an amazing job singing and dancing for an hour straight. I laughed from the first moment all the way until the end.

  5. What a hoot this show is! The costumes, the music, the choreography, the hilarity. Wonderful, energetic, simply great! A must see for fellow fringers!

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