Underbelly is a surrealist comedy in which monsters, dismemberment, shower opera, inconceivable truths and a hot date may be just the recipe needed to shed the past and let it run down the drain.

Join this multi-award-winning physical comedian in her bathroom to untangle the age-old question of perception and reality in love and life.

“Nayana Fielkov (of Ragmop Theatre, 5 STARS) shows off an impressive range of skills.” – CBC

2 thoughts on “Underbelly

  1. Wonderful! Creative, Wacky and endearing. Really cool video and puppetry and a very likable character

  2. Weird, wacky, awesome. At times beautiful, at times hilarious. This show puts the fringe in Fringe Festival.

    If you want to see something fringy, go see this show.

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