Symptom Circus

Putting the ill back in Chronically Ch(ill)!

Chronically Ch(ill) Productions returns with a brand-new production. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, theys and thems of all ages, to Symptom Circus, a guided tour through the controlled chaos that is living with disability. From the historic to metaphoric, this circus has it all.

Come along on this one-woman journey through the Freak Show, Fairway and Three-Ring Circus that is living with chronic conditions!

3 thoughts on “Symptom Circus

  1. Unless you are disabled, you won’t fully understand what life as a disabled person is like, but Hailley Rhoda does a marvelous job shedding light on it. She states from the beginning that this isn’t about disability over-all, but that she is speaking to her own specific experience living with an invisible disability.

    As a disabled person, I couldn’t help resonating with a lot of what she said. After hearing this 45-minute glimpse into her life, I could only conclude that she is the closest you could come to meeting a real-life superhero (don’t really know how else to say it).

    In addition to the close to home vulnerability that she shares in her content of this play, she adds a quick sarcastic wit, and glowing personality that is infectious, and in a lot of cases, provides the audience with laughable moment.

    Thanks for sharing your story, and your precious energy.

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