Tango, to the Pointe

Award-winning dance company PointeTango returns to the stage with a spectacular new show where ballet and tango coalesce. With powerful lifts and fiery footwork, audiences will be mesmerized by PointeTango’s sultry duo as they pirouette, leap and bourrée across the stage with the passion of Argentine tango…on Pointe!

5 STARS “Scott-Kafadar makes dancing on pointe shoes look effortless” – Saskatoon StarPhoenix
5 STARS “Richardson’s choreography is a joy to behold” – Check the Program

7 thoughts on “Tango, to the Pointe

  1. I was glad that another 200 people woke up and decided to attend this fantastic play, mixed with tango and ballet, that was extraordinary in its choreography. The movement of their bodies, intertwined, the subtle acrobatics.. Beautiful..5/5

  2. Phenomenal. Dance shows can impress with creativity, athleticism, technical mastery, and pure aesthetics. This had it all. Currently my #1 from the 2022 Winnipeg Fringe. A must see if you enjoy dance theater.

  3. Stunning performance but very slow pace. I hoped for more catchy music. Still enjoyed it very much.

  4. Phenomenal! A brilliant demonstration of skill and elegance. Highly skilled and effortless

  5. This talented pair should be on a professional stage – amazing athletic, emotional performance

  6. This is a stunning performance by two gifted dancers, blending tango and ballet in unexpected ways. Performed with style, wit, and SO much talent. This is a must see!

  7. The (Apt613.ca) editors wrote this headline:

    “Let’s get (Tango) to the point(e)—you won’t want to miss this dance show”

    Pick seats in the John Hirsch Mainstage where you can see their feet.

    If you see only one dance show at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe, make it this one.

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