James & Jamesy: Right This Way

Outlandishly funny psychological gymnastics from the distinguished minds of the CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD, 3-Time London IMPRESARIO AWARD, and 24-time BEST-of-FEST winners. James & Jamesy focus their compassionate comedic brilliance on the echo systems of memory as they teeter on the threshold between resistance and revelation.

Past reviews…
5 STARS, “Maestros at making theatre magic.” (CBC)
5 STARS, “Full-out belly laughs all the way through.” (WFP)

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2 thoughts on “James & Jamesy: Right This Way

  1. 10/10 would recommend! James & Jamesy DO NOT disappoint! their energy is fantastic, mixing physical comedy with a heartfelt story. Beautifully done!

  2. Exceptionally well done. Top notch from beginning to end. (And this despite some unusually “enthusiastic” participation by one audience member, which the performers handled with aplomb.) I utterly disagree with Jen Z’s review in the Freep. As this was the show’s world premiere, I can only assume it wasn’t quite ready fro prime time when they saw it because it certainly was when we saw it on the 18th. James & Jamesy do NOT disappoint. Put it on your list of must-see shows!!

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