Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Adapted by two of Ontario’s leading physical creators (performer Robert Feetham and director Colin Bruce Anthes), and pushing “epic minimalism” to the very maximum, this explosive virtuoso one-man mime performance of Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Centre of the Earth carves thrilling unforgettable sequences for audiences of all ages!

3 thoughts on “Journey to the Centre of the Earth

  1. Creative, family-friendly, and FUN: this is a Journey that everyone should go on! An idea to adapt the Jules Verne classic into a physical theatre piece was well-developed and flawlessly executed. What more could you want at Winnipeg Fringe?

    Well, if you’re a budding actor still hung up on his line count, you might also witness a valuable demonstration of “it’s not what you say; it’s what you do”.

    There is a rich soundscape, despite being presented in mime. In addition to musical selections and voice-overs by the Director (Colin Bruce Anthes), the performer (Robert Feetham) continually provides his own sound effects, in what might be described as the Foley equivalent of beat-boxing.

    A programme quotation that “the human being is richer than the greatest stage effects that exist” tells us in advance where this company is coming from. With no scenery to speak of, Mr Feetham’s unwavering commitment to creating each and every moment of the story pulls us deep beneath the Earth’s crust, where we share in The Professor’s fears and exhilarations at the fantastical creatures encountered there.

    – John Chase

  2. WOW!

    This is a piece of virtuous performance if I have ever seen one! An admirable feat, good for educators/ artists/ families and all! Go see this before a major theatre snatches it!

  3. Wonderfully imaginative, a blast of creativity and entertainment! The combination of (extremely physical) mime, sound effects, music and narration really bring the story to life. A true adventure and a show not to miss!

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