Macabre Tales of Horror and Macabreness (kinda?) 10 Year HELLebration

BACK FROM THE DEAD, 2010’s chillarious five-star monster smash was to be resurrected for its 10th terrifying anniversary, but if any remount was gonna be cursed by a two-year plague…

Like Frankenstein’s monster, this revolting remount, stitched together from the original 2010 show and two shriekquels, pays terrifying tribute to EC Comics, shlocky gimmick-filled horror movies and live spook shows of old! WARNING: the scares get up ghost and personal; even in the audience, you’re not safe…

5 STARS “So funny, it’s scary” – Winnipeg Free Press

2 thoughts on “Macabre Tales of Horror and Macabreness (kinda?) 10 Year HELLebration

  1. LOVE THIS SHOW! A perfect mix of cheesy horror and scary comedy! The aesthetic of this show is *chef’s kiss* PERFECT for horror lovers!

  2. An excellent performance! Lots of laughs and scares. The little special effects were great, too! The Free Press rated this only 3 stars because “the humour can seem a little ruder than usual.” Completely disagree — it was hilarious and I highly recommend!

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