Monster Makers

The Canadian premiere of MONSTER MAKERS; a musical triple-feature inspired by the tales of the most famous monster movies in history!

In 1920s Germany, Bram Stoker’s estate sues the production of Nosferatu for copyright infringement on Dracula. In 1930s Hollywood, make-up artist Jack Pierce fights to create the iconic look for Frankenstein’s monster. In 1970s England, actor Peter Cushing races to finish horror sequels before the studio shuts down. These monster makers discover that sometimes, real-life can be more frightening than the movies!

5 thoughts on “Monster Makers

  1. Very enjoyable performance. Jordan Phillips was fantastic. A fun and humorous play that held the attention of the crowd throughout it’s entirety. Great venue; close to Hermano’s so we enjoyed a bite after the play which made for a very fun afternoon and evening.

  2. This show has an interesting premise and plays clear homage to the golden ages of monster movies. Jordan Phillips was a clear standout for his character work and Alanna Penner’s voice was the strongest in the cast. Where this show could improve is by making sure that projection is increased to suit the size of the venue: I struggled to hear pieces of song and dialogue from my spot in the third row from the front. The timing of vocals could also be tightened to match the live musical accompaniment. Monster Makers has a lot of potential and the enthusiasm from the cast is clear.

  3. WAY -TOO-GO!

    Sometimes seeing a musical with the knowledge you do not know a single tune from the show can be scary, but let that fade away. You will leave the theatre humming and singing (likely the wrong words) but at least the words that sound right.

    The actors, the music, and the company did a fantastic job. You will be entertained throughout the entire show!

  4. Such a fun show. Learned a lot about the making of some of Hollywood’s most cherished monsters.

    The cast’s energy onstage is high and the songs were catchy.

    I recommend this musical for all ages!

  5. The fun of this passion-project wins me over!

    When I’ve watched other behind-the-scenes stories, I tend to lose steam quickly but, I can tell that the Monster Makers cast & crew have so much enthusiasm for this show it’s infectious. Even if you’re not a big monster-movie buff, the clever use of a few props, the acting & the singing just makes it so hard not to laugh, clap, & bop about in my seat.

    It’s also a clean show. There are hilarious innuendo jokes, but nothing that I would feel embarrassed about for kids or for grannies.

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