Movie Musicals

Ever wonder what your favourite movie would look like as a musical? If The Terminator had a show-stopping ballad or Fight Club featured a dazzling, yet aggressive, tap break?

Movie Musicals adapts nine popular movies into hilarious parody songs. From The Wizard of Oz to Frozen, come see classics take the stage in ways you’ll never expect. Packed with laughs and nostalgia, Movie Musicals is a wild and captivating show you don’t want to miss!

3 thoughts on “Movie Musicals

  1. I love the guy who writes these shows. Taxidermy, 100 shows etc. however, this one felt poorly written and rushed. He reminds me of Bo Burnham and has a lot of potential but this one was too simple for me.

  2. Lots of talent evident in this show, and a fun watch. Some of the pieces are more polished than others, but all got a laugh.

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