It’s raining, I have a flat and a 100-year-old turtle just rode past me. Everything sucks. WAIT. It’s sunny. Winner, winner, goulash dinner!

mr.coffeehead: a foot-fuelled, slapstick tragedy about bikepacking, dreaming big and giving up in your 30s.

Nice things said about Spec Theatre:

4 1/2 STARS – Janet French, Edmonton Journal

“…one of my favourite Fringe plays of all time” – Sean McQuaid, The Buzz

5 thoughts on “mr.coffeehead

  1. If you’ve ever wanted to see “The Graduate” meets “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”, this play’s for you.
    Mr Coffeehead is ‘grounded’ (pun absolutely intended) by a wildly charismatic performance from playwright and performer Ira Cooper, who does a terrific job of capturing the tumult of an impending mid-life crisis. The titular Coffeehead first appears to the audience as an oddball comic delight, representing the wild-eyed wonder of youth through manic energy, some occasional puppetry, and a very endearing Polish accent. On its own, this character might have made the subject of a very fulfilling clown show, but as the show progresses, Cooper slowly begins to expose the wounds that have so severely stunted the character’s growth and ultimately led him upon the sad #bikelife path he’s now on. It’s a challenging, tight-rope act of a piece which may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but I loved every minute of it and still find myself mulling over the play’s themes several days later.

  2. Great show overall for anyone who likes adventure, drama, or just wants a good laugh! Must see fringe show.

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