Murmurs of Earth

In 1977, NASA launched a pair of probes named Voyager to explore the outer solar system. Aboard each was a gold-plated phonograph record containing images, sounds and music from planet Earth – a time capsule of humanity to last a billion years.

MURMURS OF EARTH tells the incredible true story of the Voyager Golden Records – the people who created them, how their contents were chosen, and what these objects say about us and our place in the cosmos.

6 thoughts on “Murmurs of Earth

  1. This show was amazing. The actors were so enchanting as they portrayed the historical and personal dimensions of this era in the space program. The staging was creative and smoothly executed. The script was very captivating without being too science-nerdy. And the final scene had a spiritual and philosophical message that was very inspiring. All in all, an unforgettable experience!!

  2. I really loved this show!
    Within the first 10 minutes, I felt emotional (and even teary eyed!)- I thought the cast did such a good job at portraying the excitement and passion, wonder and awe that the real team experienced in creating this record to send into space.

    Jacques Leger did an amazing job playing Carl Sagan!

    I highly recommend seeing this play before the end of Fringe!

  3. Captivating from the get go. This play uses additional visuals and audio to really immerse the audience in the fascinating true story.

    A thought-provoking play whose message is very appropriate to current times.

  4. Very appropriate play for our times! Bravo to this new Winnipeg troupe for their dedication to each other and to developing this play during Covid. We need to think more deeply about our place in the cosmos and what we can do collectively to preserve our fragile planet in the universe.

  5. One of my fave of the fest so far! I knew a little about the challenges of the voyageur record production. What this show did was really showed the inter-relationships,and falling in and out of love of a group of people who made a message to the stars. Well done!

  6. Terrific show! Makes you think about how we view ourselves as a people while also living our individual lives. Very thought provoking.

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