Buckets of Blood – Fairy tales not for kids  

The Brothers Grimm are the most famous collectors of fairy tales, but back in the 19th century, stories for children were a lot scarier, blood thirsty and disturbing. Join British storyteller Eden Ballantyne as he retells a collection of some of the darker tales from the Grimms. While letting you know of the bits popular fairy tales have censored for kids.
What was Red Riding Hood really running from? and why Cinderella’s glass slipper was full of blood when she got it back? This certainly isn’t a Disney fairy story.

2 thoughts on “Buckets of Blood – Fairy tales not for kids  

  1. Went to see this show today and I loved it. It was nice getting to hear about underrepresented Grimm tales and I loved the humour included throughout the show.

  2. The story telling was so well done with a great sense of humour. For fans of fairy and folk tales most of the show will be a lovely and well presented review. The main stories are less common ones, with some nice trivia included. The lighting and movements during the show really added to the stories. Tales were dark but not gory (no ACTUAL buckets of blood on stage for those who may be concerned).

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