One Man Back to the Future (A Parody)

“We’ve got to get…Back to the Future!”

With some help from you, Fringe favourite Shelby Bond brings all the comedy, excitement and time travel of the original movie to the Winnipeg Fringe. In less than an hour, at 88 mph, Shelby messes with the space/time continuum as he does every character, sound effect and guitar solo leading up to the movie’s dramatic 81-jiggowat ending. Come see one of the best films of all time, brought back to life in front of you.

“The most fun” – Winnipeg Free Press

4 STARS “This show is your density” – CBC

4 thoughts on “One Man Back to the Future (A Parody)

  1. Great Scot!! What a show!
    You really should make a point to this. now I have to find the movie to watch it again.

  2. A great and very funny show! Shelby Bond impresses as usual. Lots of hard work to accomplish his task in an hour. My favourite part was definitely the Australian girlfriend!

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