Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)

Canadian Premiere!

Susan Jeremy ( P.S. 69, Teacher in the House) accidentally became a teacher after years of stand-up and being fired from almost every survival job. She was scarred for life when let go from Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips. But, she persevered, only to be fired as a clown, an usher and a roller-skating cigarette girl.

Critics have said about her previous work:

“Larger than life and twice as funny” – Globe and Mail
“Jeremy is an excellent storyteller” – Calgary Herald
“A comic powerhouse” – Winnipeg Sun

5 thoughts on “Robert Will Show You the Door (tales of being fired)

  1. Flawless transitions to each character or impression.Captivating storyteller.I loved this show …not a moment when I was not engaged and hanging on for the next word.

  2. Susan Jeremy (P.S. 69, Brazil Nuts,Teacher in the House) returns to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival with the Canadian premiere of her new work ‘Robert will Show You the Door’ (Venue 3 The Clock Tower).
    In this fast paced, multi-character, one woman show Jeremy relates her youthful frustrations of finding the right job. Her quest for rewarding employment is a series of missteps. Fired, canned, sacked, cut loose and ‘shown the door’ by a series of unappreciative employers.
    Jeremy populates the stage with a multitude of entertaining characters. As a gifted storyteller, impressionist and standup comic, Jeremy relates her personal journey with insight, humour and how luck and persistence led to the perfect job finding her.

  3. Great performance in her brand new show! Funny, tragic, engagin and very, very human.

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