Romeo & Juliet

Being in love isn’t easy. Especially when you’re young. And especially when your parents are in an intergenerational blood feud that’s turning the streets red.

Having last performed at the 2019 Fringe with our take on Twelfth Night, Indifferently Reformed now brings to the stage the classic Shakespearean comedy-drama Romeo & Juliet; a show full of humour, tragedy, sword fighting and, of course, romance.

Whether you’re a diehard Shakespeare fan, or you’ve never read a Shakespeare play outside of English class, this show is for you!

2 thoughts on “Romeo & Juliet

  1. Well done but either the actors weren’t projecting enough or the sound on some mics needed a big boost. I felt I missed too many lines.

  2. A skillful production. Special shout outs to Mercutio and Juliet’s Nurse for their side-splitting comedic antics

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