Scattered Seeds

After successful shows in California and Winnipeg, Greg Evans brings his one-man play, Scattered Seeds, to the Fringe. Scattered Seeds is a tale of perseverance as Greg chronicles his experiences growing up amidst the chaos of mental health and illness that led to his own issues with substance abuse.

Achingly honest, at times hilarious, this solo musical storytelling takes the audience on a journey from helplessness to redemption.

2 thoughts on “Scattered Seeds

  1. I want to shine a spotlight on a show ignored by the critics so far. Scattered seeds, starring the talented Greg Evans, is a confessional monologue recalling Greg’s alarmingly chaotic childhood leading to an adulthood plagued by drugs and alcohol. He punctuates his storytelling with memorable original songs that reveal both despair and hope. This authentic, redemptive tale should be experienced by all fringe-goers. Highly recommended.

  2. Moving personal story that had me laughing and crying. Well-paced mix of spoken and sung storytelling. The physical action perfectly complemented the story. Had my friend and I debating nature vs nurture for an hour after the show. Recommended.

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