Shadow Kingdom

In a kingdom where it’s always night, the Owl has declared himself king and made sleeping forbidden. Can he be stopped before our undreamt dreams destroy the world?

The creators of the smash hit Space Hippo present an epic fantasy adventure for all ages. Four hundred shadow puppets are used to create a live animated movie.

Winner of Patron’s Pick at the 2018 Toronto Fringe and 21st Century award at 2019 Osaka Fringe Festival.

5 STARS “Shadow Kingdom ought to be held as the standard for children’s entertainment.” – Now Magazine

3 thoughts on “Shadow Kingdom

  1. Just imagine if you threw a Miyazaki film and Les Miserables into a blender. Then included shadow puppets. And on a $8.00 budget. This is Shadow Kingdom, and it is everything that a Fringe show should be. It’s wonderful for all ages, and is an engaging story. A highlight of this year’s Fringe.

    P.S. DJ Slug!

  2. I went to see this show because I’d heard great things and my expectations were exceeded. It wouldn’t surprise me if years of development had gone into this production. It was such a privilege to not only see the large projector screen with the stunning visuals, but to see the performers onstage manipulating the shadow puppets, props and sets/backgrounds.

    The story itself was endearing and high-tension; the protagonist is a young girl who doesn’t want to go to sleep at bedtime, so after her dad puts her to bed, she then enters a fantasy land where she meets Owl and other characters. The chemistry and love exuding from the performers really helps underscore the sweet, fun tone of the narrative.

    The message of non-violent revolution was nice 🙂

  3. More amusing and comedic than I expected, in a good way. 13 year old loved it, reluctant 11 year old stayed engaged the whole way through and was convinced it was only 10 minutes long (it was the full hour). I loved some of the surreal imagery and intricacy of the shadow puppets. Great for families.

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