Slowly and Sideways

“Do something that frightens you at least once a year. Builds character. Strengthens moral fibre. You ought to try it sometime.”

Life goes in many directions. Shoestring presents four short plays celebrating the existential perils of life. Sometimes we confide in best friends or strangers. Other times we “lean back and look up”, catching glimpses of our true self.

Anything For You by Cathy Celesia

Duet for Bear and Dog by Sybil Rosen

The Man Who Couldn’t Dance by Jason Katims

Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller

One thought on “Slowly and Sideways

  1. Four very short plays make up one very big hour of entertainment. Perfect casting, crisp direction, and spot-on performances make this delightfully funny show fly past, leaving you wanting more…which is always a good sign. Be sure to fit this into your Fringe schedule; you’ll regret missing it.

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