The Paladin

Orphia Flange, SPACE RANGER, is wandering the galaxy. She mourns the loss of her beloved partner who died under suspicious circumstances. Meanwhile, the Galactic Council seems to be surrendering its authority to their overseer, the evil Vizier, who is seeking immortality.

Orphia must find answers: who is responsible for the death of her beloved? Can her AI-driven spaceship with a pert personality help her survive? Where can she get the most hallucinogenic coffee in the galaxy?

The Paladin – a rollicking space/cowgirl adventure!

2 thoughts on “The Paladin

  1. The actress performing Orphia Flange is a pro. With minimal effects and a keen attention to detail, she took you on a space adventure. While lulling a little in the middle, the show was engaging.

    The hosts for the show were great. Take a walk to 188 Princess – there’s cookies.

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