The Sidetrack Bandits Sketch Show

The Sidetrack Bandits are back with a sketch comedy show you know they’ve been slaving over for the past three years (pressure much?) Consisting of three couples, the Sidetrack Bandits love writing comedy that’s physical, character-driven and playfully absurd.

Try to imagine their excitement in welcoming you to their fourth consecutive (can they still call it that?) Fringe show!

Who doesn’t need 45 minutes of solid laughs with a random group of strangers? You in?

3 thoughts on “The Sidetrack Bandits Sketch Show

  1. This years production by the Sidetrack bandits is full of hilarious physicality, catchy tunes, and great one liners. The show is tied together nicely with some incredible original songs which start and end the production on a very strong note.

    This group has grown so much over the years and their current lineup is a well balanced cast that has created fun and thought provoking comedy.

  2. From the moment the show begins until the very end, the Sidetrack bandits will have your sides splitting from laughter with their expertly written and masterfully performed sketch comedy. Jumping between witty dialog, catchy tunes, and delightful slapstick, the Sidetrack bandits captivate their audience with 45 minutes of original hilarity. 5 stars to their writing, acting, and of course, their singing. Make sure to take time to see the Sidetrack Bandits in their next show, it will be very worth it!

  3. Hands down their best show I’ve ever seen. Smooth transitions with musical interludes help to keep things moving. They sing as well as they act. It’s hard to not laugh out loud. Great venue as well.

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