The Stakeout

A comedy/drama about two men on a stakeout of two men who may be on a stakeout of them. Fresh, funny and fearless. A head trip about fathers, sons and one’s sense of self. Wild, dramatically ambitious and disorienting in the best possible way.

A world premiere!

Directed by Vanessa Quesnelle. Starring Andrew Broaddus & Martin Dockery (Moonlight After Midnight, 2019).

Written by Dockery, who’s been touring the worldwide circuit since 2009, garnering 50 awards for his solo shows and plays. This is his 15th production at the Winnipeg Fringe.

3 thoughts on “The Stakeout

  1. Very enjoyable, but I will admit I expected a bit more of a comedy from the description. While we definitely laughed, there were very poignant existential moments and explorations of past trauma. How much was metaphor or a twilight zone-esque plot? Maybe both. I’m still not sure, but I liked it.

  2. Martin Dockery does it again! Such a fascinating and funny show. Funny, touching, fascinating…just…just go see it!

  3. Incredibly smart, funny and poignant. Absolutely beautiful art here. I can’t stress enough how worth seeing this is!

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