Adam’s Neurohilarity

Come join the fun as a rotating line-up of neurodiverse comics share their thoughts, stories and lives. The show is always fun and always new.

Featuring comics at all levels, from seasoned veterans and Fringe favorites to brand-new comics.

2 thoughts on “Adam’s Neurohilarity

  1. This show featured some very talented comedians, and had the audience laughing throughout the whole hour! If funny is what you’re looking for, this show will not disappoint! I have been a fan of Adam’s shows for years, and am so glad this group came together at Fringe because we all could use a good laugh! Check it out!

    Also, I went to a performance where there was more than just stand-up; there was beatboxing and rapping by Brotherly Love.
    There was also audience participation in the headliner’s portion of the show. I was one of the participants, and the headliner Herbert said to me “Believe in yourself.” That was a very nice message and, in my opinion, it seemed to be the overarching theme of this Fringe show 🙂

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