As It Turns Out…

Nothing is as it seems!

Sam and Judy are about to sell her family estate and retire to Barbados, or are they? Sam’s personal assistant, Gisele, and her husband, John, are going to buy the estate, but why? Everyone has hidden agendas and there are plots and double-crosses galore. Even a few old secrets will be shared.

Will everyone get what they want in the end?

3 thoughts on “As It Turns Out…

  1. I can’t stand dramas.
    Absolutely hate them.
    So somebody tell me why I loved this show!
    I listened to every word because every second sentence was a twist. A cohesive story that weaves complexity and simplicity into one beautiful play. With some of the best and most natural acting I’ve seen.

  2. “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” said Shakespeare, and it could well apply to this deviously convoluted play. Engaging characters, multiple plot twists, and energetic performances make “As It Turns Out” into an enjoyable viewing experience. I can’t say any more without rvealing spoilers, so…just go and see it!

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