Bat Brains or let’s explore mental illness with vampires

When a surprise visitor appears at Scud the Vampire’s door, Scud is launched on a madcap journey into the depths of his home, his mind, and beyond.

Part Dracula, part Mr. Bean, part Journey to the Center of the Earth.

From Just for Laugh’s Comedy Award Winner and creator of Fool Muun Komming! (Artists’ Pick – Edmonton Fringe) Sam Kruger comes a darkly funny and oddly poetic play that “captures everything that Fringe should be about” (Capital Critics’ Circle).

“Sam Kruger is a special and weird, Fringe jewel” – CBC

2 thoughts on “Bat Brains or let’s explore mental illness with vampires

  1. I agree with the previous reviewer. My wife and I saw the 5th performance of Bat Brains. I was laughing one minute and so drawn in to the stark realization of the pain of isolation that I grew concerned. I was not the only audience member. Members of the audience responded with affirmation to Scud and attempted to guide him through his struggles. I found this performance a highly creative way to address mental illness which surrounds us. The artist is adept of letting the audience “off the hook” and reliving the tension that he creates. I thought this mirrored for those who have friends or relatives that bring alarm and then are “left off the hook” with humor. A must see for everyone.

  2. At the Festival, certain shows fit nicely into a particular genre – this is not one of them.

    Certain shows and performances, I describe as High Fringe – an experiment into using theatre as both art and insight. Fundamentally with High Fringe its and experience and you are along for the ride.

    Bat Brains is High Fringe at its best. It is a comedy in a weird way, but the visceral ability to express mental illness and its impacts make the show truly compelling. Plus it has an oddly satisfying ending.

    I would encourage you not to try and understand everything that is going on in the performance, just take the ride.

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