“There is no present or future, only the past, happening over and over again, now.” – Eugene O’Neill

Dreams dashed, a marriage in ruins, a child lost and found, BEFORE BREAKFAST: An Opera in One Act is the story of a family struggling to survive, after the play of the same name by EUGENE O’NEILL.

Directed by Mariam Bernstein, the opera is set in New York’s Greenwich Village, circa 1916. Past Fringe shows by Forman Productions include multiple 4 STAR reviews and “powerhouse vocals” for soprano Naomi Forman.

3 thoughts on “BEFORE BREAKFAST: An Opera in One Act

  1. A wonderfully performed and very engaging show! All involved were in top form in a production that is sure to keep your attention from start to finish. And for any opera newbies out there, it’s in English!

  2. This production is a MUST SEE!

    Three polished performers make it happen. In this captivating 25 minute opera, soprano Naomi Forman is brilliant both vocally and dramatically. Naomi completely transforms to tell the story of Charlotte. Danielle Guina is outstanding on piano and Naomi’s radiant daughter Anne adds an innovative special magic to this work.

    Like I said – a MUST SEE!

  3. Wonderful to see the Canadian premiere of “Before Breakfast” at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. Sung fabulously by Naomi Forman, danced beautifully by Anne Forman, and played superbly by pianist Danielle Guina, this is a heartrending must-see of love and loss. Expect to encounter a sphere of emotions! Read up on the story, characters and more at

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