Blueberries Are Assholes

Fringe legend TJ Dawe (Tired Cliches, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s, Medicine, The Slipknot, Operatic Panic Attack) riffs on food, the English language and the human body.

“This guy’s headed for the stand-up hall of fame” – Georgia Straight
“Dawe can actually make you hurt with laughter” – Montreal Gazette
“A flawless performer” – Charleston City Paper
“Come and see what a real virtuoso can do” – Edmonton Journal

TJ’s been doing the Winnipeg Fringe since before people had e-mail addresses.

4 thoughts on “Blueberries Are Assholes

  1. Loved this show! As always, Dawe was riveting, entertaining and thought provoking. It takes a special talent for one person to do a 60 minute monologue and keep the audience engaged the whole time. I almost questioned going when I saw the free press review. Glad I didn’t rely on that!

  2. As always, TJ lead us down a path that caused us to question what is real and where our line in the invisible sand is. Many of the observations were funny, endearing and heartfelt. However, when he asks us to question our ability to be curious, this stuck with me all week. Open yourself up to curiosity and go see this show!

  3. I dunno why the Free Press reviewer didn’t like this… it was clever, funny, entertaining and inventive. TJ Dawe made connections you would never think of and delivered the whole monologue flawlessly. We enjoyed it a lot.

  4. This was great – funny and entertaining! Everything you want from a good stand up.
    Fair warning – you will want cereal after the show.

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