CABARET SIDE SHOW is a musical revue set in the 1930s. The performers are rehearsing for their big opening night at the Cabaret and everyone is welcome.

An evening of sultry passion, music and dance.

10 thoughts on “CABARET SIDE SHOW

  1. I really liked this show!
    The odd time it was a little hard to hear people, but overall it was a lot of fun.
    Great song selections for a Cabaret Style Show.

  2. Talented cast powerful singing voices! wonderful fun show! saw on opening night July 13.

  3. I went to the show today and I just wanna mention that I’m impressed! The singing was fantastic and I could feel the love that went into the show! 😊

  4. Great production
looks like they worked hard at producing the show, all the vocals were great and the dance numbers were on point; whoever their artistic director is did a great job, all the performers knew their parts. My favourite parts were the group dance pieces, they were very in sync, and looks like they were having so much fun!

  5. Went to opening night to see the show. Was a large ensemble of very talented actors, singles and dancers. What a great show, definitely recommend it!

  6. I enjoyed this show. The dancing and vocals were stellar. Well put together for such a large cast. I highly recommend seeing this one.

  7. Great dancing, great singing and great songs. I would recommend people go see this show.

  8. These actors can sing and dance! A really fun group of actors doing what they love.
    Really good run time, not too long but not too short.

  9. I got to see opening night and this show is a lot of fun! It kept me captivated the entire time and the cast is very talented.
    Congratulations for a wonderful show.

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