Charming & Rose: True Love

Prince Charming loves Princess Rose. Princess Rose loves Prince Charming. But… Rose is not a typical princess. Raised by wolves and her acerbic fairy godmother, Rose struggles with human customs. Then, there’s the test.

From the company that brought you:

Motherhood Out Loud (” punctuated with moments that are touching, painful and frustrating”) – Winnipeg Free Press 2019

Not Medea 5 STARS (“a complex, intelligent and multilayered piece of theatre”) – Winnipeg Free Press 2018

4 thoughts on “Charming & Rose: True Love

  1. A fairy tale with a twist, it shows us that there aren’t necessarily the happy endings we expect. It also explores the “nature vs. nurture” debate in an original way. Cora, Heather, and Nick are marvelous in their roles. Thought-provoking.

  2. This show was very compelling.

    It showcased a three parts: dance, storytelling and comedy; all dynamically changing throughout captivating your attention and every moment.

  3. Very strong performances from all of the actors. Very well acted while telling the story with a twist. Be aware of the trigger warnings (violence) and advisories as it’s aimed for an adult audience. I do recommend this production.

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