From the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of To Kill a Mockingbird, Horton Foote, comes Courtship.

The God-fearing foundation of the Vaughns’ household begins to crack as young Elizabeth’s secret engagement is revealed. Under the bewildered gaze of her younger sister, Elizabeth, while restless to take independent action, is frightened by the prospect of defying her benevolently controlling parents and the reassuring restraints of her community. To what extent is real rebellion possible for her – and how well does she know herself?

One thought on “Courtship

  1. It’s evident that this show was well-rehearsed and the cast really delivered with sharp performances. The set was beautiful and used the large stage to its full potential. The actor in Elizabeth’s role did a stellar job of pulling the audience into her inner conflict of being an obedient daughter vs following her heart. The script is a slow-burn, but it is a show worth seeing.

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