Crabs Gone Wild

A chance encounter on a dating website leads to a blooming connection for two avid outdoors enthusiasts. After a memorable fishing trip, they both believe they may have found true love, until their loved ones discover their new relationship and certain choices of words lead to a series of hilarious misunderstandings.

One thought on “Crabs Gone Wild

  1. Objectively: Weird show. Was it the same joke for 1 hour? Yes. Did the plot just kinda happen? Yes. Were there stakes? Nope!

    But…did I enjoy it? It was INCREDIBLE!!

    The cast went for it. It was loony in everyday and they were so unapologetic about it! Big props to the actor who played the main characters mom. Lorne Michaels NEEDS to cast her on SNL. The rest of the cast did great too. You don’t wanna miss this, it’s non stop stupid jokes and side splitting laughter. The real show was the crabs we caught along the way!

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