Everybody On the Moon Is Irish

Three kids try out a spaceship only to find out it really works and they’ve landed on the moon. The moon is inhabited by leprechauns and they must get back home, but cannot, unless they answer the question: “What is happiness?”

Suitable for all ages. Tons of fun and some audience participation.

3 thoughts on “Everybody On the Moon Is Irish

  1. Great show, love to see a young cast having so much fun and doing what they love.

  2. Saw this today..young kids loved it and really were engaged. It is full of silliness. If you have young kids in your family they will definitely have fun at the show. Actors were really talented!

  3. A funny story performed a local talented cast. Kathleen Henry adapted and directed this piece, working hard with the actors! Come out and support All About Theatre and Gallery!

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