Some of Winnipeg’s finest queer performance-creators come together in this hilarious and heartfelt dance-adjacent piece, FERN. What’s a dance-adjacent piece, you may ask? Well, you’ll have to come find out!

In this snappy 45 minutes of highly entertaining and hilarious physical theatre, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll remember to take better care of that houseplant you bought when you first moved into that new apartment and have since neglected.

Things get sweaty and sexy as this company performs all in the same space at the same time.

4 thoughts on “FERN

  1. An enjoyable show. I thought their set design was creative and really liked the music they chose as well. With one performance left, consider adding it to your list!

  2. Very pleasant and entertaining. Nicely laid out and performed. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I was not disappointed at all. Kudos to the performers! This is definitely a great pick!

  3. Went to this show not really knowing what to expect and really enjoyed it. This show’s strengths lie in its creativity in expressive movement and fluid set design. I’m still not entirely sure what I watched but I can tell you that the performers were top notch!

  4. A pure, innocent, fun piece of artistic expression. Using theatre (as opposed to other artistic mediums) for this piece was a great choice; sometimes as humans we have thoughts, emotions and reactions that can’t be expressed with words. I thought the use of metaphor was well done, and the fern’s branches were a cool way to show the progression of time throughout the piece and visually show a resolution at the end. I loved the set design; it was concrete and abstract at the same time, and helped reinforce the playful tone of the piece. This show lifted my spirits.

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