God Is A Scottish Drag Queen (Best Of)

5 STARS “Standup comedy with soul” – Winnipeg Free Press

5 STARS “Comedy everyone can relate to” – CBC Manitoba

God Is A Scottish Drag Queen celebrates 10 years on the Fringe!

God, dressed in a floral powersuit, returns to set the record straight on everything from Adam and Eve to menopause in a hilarious and unforgettable “Best Of” performance combining the favourite jokes and stories from all eight productions.

Come and see why God has become the most popular show on the Fringe!

4 thoughts on “God Is A Scottish Drag Queen (Best Of)

  1. God, you ROCK! Hearing you swear is …so much more natural than other shows that are just throwing it in to get a PG rating

  2. I didn’t expect to feel so touched…Had me laughing and crying from joy! Absolutely a must see show!

  3. Where else can you find religion, power suits, and spanx in one solid package?*

    God is a Scottish Drag Queen has stood the test of time. A great show and worth a trip to the Forks.

    *Pun intended

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