I’M BATMAN 89-97

From the writer of Kitt & Jane and The War of 1812 comes Rod Peter Jr’s tale of growing up wanting to be Batman whilst at the same time recreating all four films from 89-97! From Joker to Riddler to Arnold as Mr. Freeze. For the first time ever, Rod Peter Jr brings to life all your favourite Rouges … and that includes Catwoman!

“The most memorable comic performance I’ve ever seen” – CBC Radio

“Peter’s physical comedy is infectious” – Global News, Edmonton

“A comedic powerhouse” – Winnipeg Free Press

4 thoughts on “I’M BATMAN 89-97

  1. Simply loved this show…fast energetic performance, really well done. Funny,touching great storyteller.

  2. I enjoyed this quite a bit. One thing I want to note: RPJ might have been the one who loved (The) Batman and dressed up as him, but it was RPJ’s mom who did the single most “Batman” thing in the show. No spoilers. Just remember that at his core, Batman is the world’s greatest detective.

  3. Sharp, witty, funny AND touching! Not only is the comedic physicality and writing top notch, but he also manages to pull on your heartstrings. I left the theatre fighting back happy tears. Such a wonderful show from an amazing performer.

  4. Took my family to this today in the afternoon and my kids loved it.
    We had such a blast at this show. The actor has so much energy it’s crazy.
    And does more than act out the movies.
    Some really heartfelt stories about his family.

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