Is This Yours?

Storyteller Al Lafrance (two-time Just For Laughs Award winner, five-time Best of Fest) returns with his newest tale, featuring unexpected encounters with heroes, deep dives into piles of garbage, and unmerciful corporate heathens. If you’ve ever regretted throwing out something you loved, this show is for you!

5 STARS “A must-see for anyone who has a heart” – Edmonton Journal

“An incredibly deft and engaging performer” – Winnipeg Free Press

2 thoughts on “Is This Yours?

  1. One of the greatest gifts of the Fringe is to bring together so many talented story tellers. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a lost art, but when you get a chance to listen to the likes of de Waal, and Dockery, and Lafrance weave their magic, you know the tradition is alive and well and living at the Fringe. “Is This Yours” by Al Lafrance is another wonderful addition to the gallery. Engaging stories engagingly told and perfectly tied together. If I had a small kvetch (which I should probably keep to myself), it would be the closing. The stories themselves make the point brilliantly so no need to go as far in hammering it home. 4/5. Go Wingspan!

  2. I came to watch this show with a friend, not knowing what it was about or what to expect. I’m so glad that I decided to tag along and experience Al’s storytelling. He does a great job interweaving hilarious moments with heartfelt ones, and his final words of the show really resonate. 45 minutes flies by in this one-man performance and LaFrance deserves larger crowds. Go down to Venue 3 in Portage Place to see this, it’s worth it.

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