The Ballad of Johnny Boy

Winnipeg Fringe musts Walk&Talk are back with their award-winning show The Ballad of Johnny Boy. Watch this dynamic, charismatic trio become bandmates and barge masters of the afterlife as they sing and dance their way through the life of Johnny Boy.

What begins as a eulogy for a modest man becomes a raucous hour of live original music and playful physical theatre as they explore what defines a “hero”. Come join them Down in the Depths!

Winner of the Harry Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play 2018

4 STARS – CBC Manitoba

4 thoughts on “The Ballad of Johnny Boy

  1. Johnny Boy came to “life” with the help of three magnificent singers/actors! A must see.

  2. I haven’t heard many people talking about this show, and that’s a shame! I loved every second of The Ballad of Johnny Boy. This trio of talented musicians and actors was absolutely fantastic. Perfect comedic timing, a concept I’ve yet to encounter (in 19 years of Fringing), buckets of energy, and top-notch acting in what’s ultimately a heartwarming tale told in the most hilarious way. Do not miss this!

  3. Great musical piece by these guys! Packed with original music and wonderful harmonies, the show delivers a touching story that many will be able to relate and shine a light on. Wonderful!

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